Frequently Asked Questions


Here you'll see FAQ. lol.

Why is game XYZ not in the archive?

Sometimes a game you are looking for seems to be missing from the archives.
This could have one of the following reasons:

  1. It's not a Beat 'em Up but rather a Fighting Game like Street Fighter II.
  2. It has a different name than you might remember. Try using our Advanced Search.
  3. It's indeed not yet listed. You can help expand our database by suggesting a game.

Why is game XYZ listed under a different name in the archive than I remember it?

When games get released outside their countries of origin, they are sometimes renamed.
For example, the game Bare Knuckle was renamed Streets of Rage when it was released outside of Japan.   To keep things consistent, all games are filed under their original titles.

I suggested a game but it's still not added — why?


How can I submit screenshots / videos / scans / etc.?

Currently not possible. Only ceno can atm.