Final Fight One

Capcom Co., Ltd.
Japan Release: 2001-05-25 ファイナル ファイト ONE (Final Fight One)
USA Release: 2001-09-26 Final Fight One
Europe Release: 2001-09-28 Final Fight One
Basic Infos:
Players: 2
Characters: 3
Stages: 7
Bonus Stages: Yes
Scoring: Yes
Saving: Yes
Gameplay Infos:
Graphics: 2D Healthbars?: Yes
Z-Axis?: Yes Time Limit: Yes
Grabs: Yes Throws: Yes
Pick Ups?: Yes Mounts?: No
Jumping: Yes Panic Attack?: Yes
Power Ups?: No Food: Yes
User Score:
vote 3 votes

Additional Information:

In all versions, including the japanese one, Poison's animation frame when being hit has been changed so that you can not see under her shirt anymore. Also there is no blood.

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User Comments:

shog 2012-06-12, 01:04
Muss ich immer noch kaufen. Vor allem wegen dem geilen Boxart von SNKs "SHINKIRO" :D
ceno 2010-06-14, 20:28
The bonus content really rocks (Alpha Guy, Alpha Cody, etc.). I just wished they had also made Final Fight Two and Final Fight Three..
enot 2010-06-01, 16:10
Best there is!

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