Double Dragon

Technos Japan Co., Ltd.
Japan Release: 1987 ダブルドラゴン (Double Dragon)
Europe Release: 1987 Double Dragon
USA Release: 1987 Double Dragon
Basic Infos:
Players: 2
Characters: 2
Stages: 4
Bonus Stages: No
Scoring: Yes
Saving: No
Gameplay Infos:
Graphics: 2D Healthbars?: No
Z-Axis?: Yes Time Limit: Yes
Grabs: Yes Throws: Yes
Pick Ups?: Yes Mounts?: No
Jumping: Yes Panic Attack?: No
Power Ups?: No Food: No
User Score:
vote 2 votes

Additional Information:

Double Dragon is – amongst other things – renowed for being the very first cooperative two player beat 'em up in videogame history.

User Comments:

Arcon 2010-10-08, 12:27
The green guy is named "Mibobo" :-) I saw this on the GBA-Version:-)
Arcon 2010-08-20, 11:52
It would be great to play this game on ps3... I hope there will be a new version...
Arcon 2010-08-19, 15:05
On the ST-Version sometimes there is a sucking bug. You kill one of these bad boys, but he doesn´t really die. He is twinkling the hole time and fights you as a ghost. The problem is, that you must defeat all suckers to walk ahead. It can be very frustrating when its happen in the third or fourth stage.