Return of Double Dragon

Technos Japan Co., Ltd.
Japan Release: 1992-10-16 リターン・オブ・ダブルドラゴン (Return of Double Dragon)
Europe Release: 1992 Super Double Dragon
USA Release: 1992 Super Double Dragon
Basic Infos:
Players: 2
Characters: 2
Stages: 7
Bonus Stages:
Scoring: Yes
Saving: No
Gameplay Infos:
Graphics: 2D Healthbars?: No
Z-Axis?: Yes Time Limit: No
Grabs: Yes Throws: Yes
Pick Ups?: Yes Mounts?: No
Jumping: Yes Panic Attack?: No
Power Ups?: No Food: No
User Score:
vote 3 votes

User Comments:

Arcon 2011-05-03, 07:29
Very nice game! But there is one bad point: After killing the big boss there is no fight against your partner! Only one hero can survive!!!!
ceno 2011-05-02, 14:28
One of the best beat 'em ups on the system! Solid gameplay and a nice variety of moves that offer quite some tactics. Recommended! But go for the japanese version that includes some tweeks and upgrades.

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